Diary Day 4, 15th September 2022

So today is my main prep day before night shift. Throwing body clock around is the biggest pain. Managed to stay awake until 0200, slept till around 0900, awake until 1230, napped until 1415. It’s all weird. But I need to be at my peak for my shift, as it’s long, boring and lonely on your own. But then again, I only do these shifts every 6 weeks, so it’s not too bad.
Not got much else to talk about so imma tell you what my night shift entails. We have multiple shifts, but the ones that overlap the night shift is the 11-23 and the 06-18 in the morning. My shift is 1900-0700, so 12 hours overnight. My main work is sorting the late evening into the early night, making sure passengers get on their services and get home. After roughly 0100, we drop our service pattern to roughly 1tph, so we get time to tidy the office, prep for the day after, review the P Code list (Planned Alteration List) and review with the staff coming in the morning. I’ll often bring a laptop with me, and if I get some time and everything is sorted, I might whip up some SimSig to get the time going. Overnight, we are also responsible for keeping in contact with the Box and Control just in case anything goes pear-shaped, which it does normally.
Furthermore, weekend and especially weekend nights have the highest probability for abuse, welfare and intoxication events occurring. In my personal time, I have taken up a MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) course and a immediate response to Mental Health course, plus have a level of general first aid under my belt. Sadly, these things are more and more required on the railway. But hey, as long as people get home safe, I do not mind. (edited)So i’ll be leaving my place at roughly 1630 to get there for 1800. I start at 1900, so I won’t be working before then, but it’s normally good to transfer all the events of the day from the day shift during that time. Plus, I can’t get more sleep!

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