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A month into route learning

I’ve been a little quiet, and that’s because I’ve been a little stressed! Thankfully, I’ve been going out with another new Guard who’s starting out who was on my course, and we’ve been working well together, bouncing off of each other as we’re going along to try and get all the information to stick in our heads.

So far, we’ve worked together on all but one route, and we’ve done quite well on all the assessments so far. It’s quite nice going out with another person, because it means my attention span is better, it helps me hone in on work and not get distracted, and also means I’m staying out and awake for longer each day. I’m far more productive with another person out there to help!

So yeah… we are about halfway through route learning already. Our Guards Inspectors reckon we have another month and a half (including some tough routes, like Hounslow and Reading) and then it’s time for a few days mentored working, and then we’re out by ourselves.

I really cannot wait.

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