The One Where… The Timing Has Been Confirmed

As I’ve mentioned previously, Greater Anglia is having a press event at London Liverpool Street this Thursday to officially unveil the company’s very first pride-liveried train. I can exclusively reveal here that it’ll be a Class 720 unit, and will be unveiled to the world officially at LST at 14:30 on Thursday, 27th July, 2023, booked into Platform 5 though this is of course subject to change. And of course… there are chances to catch it travelling between Ilford Depot and London Liverpool Street, and to give you the best chance to do so… I’ve provided the WTT timings below! After the event, the unit will then go off about it’s merry way at 1542 (coupled together with another unit) as 2O42 off to Hertford East.

While I won’t be driving, I will be in the cab to see this unit in to LST from the depot, and I am extremely excited to be even a part of it all. It’s great seeing more trainbows on the network, and knowing that this is just the first of more than one that GA have planned makes me very happy.

I hope to see some of you there on Thursday on my arrival!

I’m going to be a bit of a tease… Today is trainbow day, finally! For those of you eagerly awaiting GA’S first pride livery… Here’s a sneak peak.

Image attachment

I was so lucky to see the folk applying the livery elements in the shed as I joined my DI (Driving Instructor) today in the cab of a train taken out of the yard. I had such a massive grin as I realised what they were doing mere metres away from me, and got home to a picture from my friend of the full thing. ^_^

Just thirteen hours to go before I’m in it moving…

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