15th December 2021

What a shift! These new diagrams are FULL on! Started at 1730 with a trip down to Basingstoke and back. Then back to do 2 Newburys in the god awful 387306… Once you’ve dumped that in the high platforms for it to shunt into the depot, have a bare minimum PNB of 30 minutes, take a 6 car turbo into Connection C, walk back and do the 0017 stopper to Newbury! 3 Newburys in one day? Can’t remember the last time I’ve done that! 165122 was the 2 car on the 0017, it seems to have had the refurb and looks (and smells) good! Goes nicely too, making up the 4 minutes late off Reading for a Right Time arrival into Newbury. 2 days off now so time for a beer (or two!)

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