New Traction Day!

Something a little different, and I can’t deny slightly exciting for me today. Today is the day I get to join the ranks alongside Scott, Virgil and Brains and get my hands on a real life Thunderbirds.

If you’ve never watched or heard of Thunderbirds, I’m sorry your childhood wasn’t filled with with this over dramatic puppet show, but also jealous that you probably don’t wake up every morning with aches and pains everywhere. The joys of getting older.

I digress, today I start my training on class 57 traction that will be used to compliment the loco fleet on the Tonbridge based RHTT services this year. Although technically a body snatching ying box, it has the same cab control layout as a 47 so I can always pretend

It’s a 2 day course for me to learn them, this included preparing the locomotive for service, faults and failures and a spot of practical handling.

Ill let you all know what I think of them tomorrow when all being well I add another class of train to my traction card.

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