The One Where… It’s Not Meant To Be

Unfortunately, planning has fallen through due to various factors outside of my control, and I’m no longer in the running to drive the train for the big event which I can say is meant to be Greater Anglia’s reveal of it’s first ever Pride-liveried train. As you can probably guess, I am rather disappointed by this, after trying ever so hard and putting so much effort in to trying to arrange things, and having the metaphorical rug pulled from under my feet quite late into organising things is… very demoralising. I’m going to be taking some time to work past this set-back, and getting ready for the start of my driving hours, which should be coming up very soon… but again, this is also being a nightmare to get starting owing to various factors yet again out of my control…

Frankly, there’s a lot of things going on, and I’m getting rather annoyed at being unable to control things!

(I can finally say that this event is going ahead at 15:00 on 27/07/2023 at London Liverpool Street. :3) 

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