Diary Day 6, 23rd September 2022

So I picked up my car yesterday. That’s super cool. Many railway contracts have a question on their application: can you get in during disruption or outside of normal running hours. Previously, i’ve had it pretty good with unsocial hours; been able to get lifts, caught the first/last bus in, taxi. However, this will make it easier to get in nowadays. Now, back onto the complete users guide to break the North West Railway…

23rd. Today, I started at 0700. One of my preferable shifts. Not too early start, not too late finish. Just sometimes a bit mundane, right? Not today.
Morning went reasonably swimmingly. Usual last minute unit alterations and confusion, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Afternoon rolls on and the railway grinds to a halt. Between Lancaster and Carnforth, we hear reports of the emergency services dealing with an incident. Unfortunately, many will know what that often turns out to be. Proper procedure must be put into place, the the powers that be investigating, getting relief crew, getting fitters and dignity teams etc, ensuring the safety of the passengers and the safety of the unit. That took up roughly 3 hours of operations. Unfortunately, most people, unless they are told on why there is disruption, aren’t completely receptive to the issues. One of the good things at our station is that we can get people on alternative routes via the ECML. So, we requested ticket acceptance with ECML operators, and got people on the move.
As that incident was coming to a close, another one occurred. A station on my local line, there was reports of trespassers and another possible incident. This didn’t help with service recovery, but that’s what we deal with. Gladly, the person wasn’t fatally injured, but because of the nature of the injuries, as they were struck by a train, required emergency services to respond. That caused further delay to an already disrupted network. Overall, with the joining of both incidents, that line took from 14:30 until 20:00 to be declared as NWR (Normal Working Resumed).

Usual plug, but the topics i’ve talked about in this post may be hard hitting to people, wether it involves the railway, or it just involves your personal life. If you feel like you need some help, there are support services out there that you can contact. One that I will always recommend, for their professionalism and response is the Samaritans. They’re here 24/7, just in case you need them. You can call them on 116 123 or you can email them. Speak to jo at jo@samaritans.org. You’re not alone. https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help/contact-samaritan/

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