October in a Nutshell

October arrived, and so did low adhesion. The first few weeks of October were spent getting used to how things are when it’s a bit more wet and slippy, and braking zones are all different. You want to start braking earlier to ensure you do actually stop!

October has also brought along my next two week rest day and annual leave period, which I was eagerly awaiting… as I am currently in Canada! I was graced a few days after my arrival with gloriously cold snow, which I find fascinating. The way Canada is used to it, and doesn’t shut down… and in fact has processes and systems in place to keep things running like normal. It is just… it feels like home here.

The other thing that I was in Canada for is speaking to my mum about my future. Eventually, I’d love to move out here (I feel so much more at home here!), ignoring the fact my mum and stepdad are actually moving to Arizona in the next few years… but also I wanted to have a frank discussion with her about my career choices as of late. And who better to get reassurance from than your own mother? I haven’t been as comfortable as I’d like in the driving seat, and I’ve been considering what to do to fix the issue, and after a long talk… we agreed that a change was necessary. So… watch this space. I have decided to step away from driving, but what I do next is a bit nebulous; I’ve reached out to SWR to return to them as a Metro Guard out of Waterloo (sounds familiar? It’s what I did until I moved to GA! ), but also… there are other former employers vying to take me back. An old IT Consultancy firm I used to work with would love to break into the railway and offer their services to TOCs, and my experience would certainly help them.

So yeah… things will be changing again. And I’d hate to leave the railway… my ideal move would be back to SWR. I’ll keep you informed, as ever! (And there’ll be a bit more of a discussion on my feelings and why I’ve made this decision soon, when I’m back from my holiday and back within reach of my laptop! I’m typing this all on my mobile phone and my fingers are tired now.)

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