Week 2: Relaying

This week’s seen me back on site, after a week stuck in the office on paperwork duty.

The bulk of the week has focused around re-laying sleepers and ballast on a 130m section of track over a structure to rectify a geometry issue. Works started on Monday with the removal of rails, sleepers and ballast, followed by a “skim dig” (to set the bottom ballast to a consistent level for laying sleepers), re-laying the sleepers and rail and then finally re-ballasting. We’re able to check that everything is to the levels we need as we go using a total station on site.

With this work completed, the last steps will be geometry checks tomorrow to ensure we can pass engineering trains across site, followed by tamping in a couple weeks to return this section to its design level! I’ve got some site marking to do ahead of the tamping but I’ll talk about that more closer to the time.

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