The One Where There’s an A Delay and an Injury!

Today, everything was running absolutely smoothly… until my last train of the day. Yet again, exactly the same as yesterday, sat at Virginia Water coming from Weybridge waiting for the Reading service to go on by (we are held there as timetabled), and it’s running late, meaning I am now running late. Harrumph! That was enough to annoy me, as it was my last train of the day before two days off…

Then, as I was patrolling my train, I was flagged down by a colleague who’d managed to get themselves slightly injured by one of the tables on my train! I immediately headed over to the First Aid kit to get a wet-wipe so he could clean himself off of the blood, and made sure he was OK. I then made a note of the details so that I could add them to my delay report, so that the team at the depot had that report as well as the accident report he said he’d file when we got back to Waterloo.

What a fun evening.

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