4th January 2022

Well, here we are on the 4th January. Sorry I haven’t put much on, unfortunately I’ve had a few days which have been pretty full on. That and I am getting home from work and absolutely knackered. But anyway – over the past few days nothing untoward has gone on, driven trains and kept on time (apart from one trip). Passenger alarm at Ealing Broadway yesterday, someone decided to lean against the door post and hit the button. Was very apologetic but fortunately we were at the station and had a few minutes dwell time. Todays turn isn’t that thrilling, a couple of Basingstokes, Didcot to Reading and a semi fast from Paddington back to Reading. If you’re on that Rail Miles thing, feel free to add me as a friend, it will be interesting to see the amount of mileage I wrack up on the commuter lines this year.

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