12th November, 2021

I’ve not posted for a while as it’s been a long hard week. The good news is we got the house signed off today so it’s full steam ahead this weekend to get everything moved. Anyway my week at work has been eventful. I’ve been mainly working RHTT services with 73s and 73-9s. I managed to Jump on the 69s earlier on in the week to do an impromptu shunt in the yard! Having not touched them for a while it was a job remembering where all the switches and buttons were – no seriously it took me 5 mins to find the tail lights switch

We’ve had a few slippery days on the rails this week, and I’ve had a few locos with wheel flats. I actually managed to activate a wheel flat detector out on track that resulted in a 30mph trip back to depot. I seem to have gained the name “flat rail” amongst my colleagues!

My week in pictures, who knows this station?

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