Welcome to Chris’ Diary

Oh lord, what is this. Clean channel… I better let people know what this is then

I’m Chris. I’m a Customer Service Assistant and Train Dispatcher in the North West

This channel, when I remember mainly, will be how I got into the railway, what some of the parts of my day have been and just generally answering people’s questions on what Dispatchers and Station Staff do during the day
I’m also going to make this a glossary of terms that I use, because I know I annoy my friends with acronyms they don’t understand:
GPRGeneral Purpose Relief
tphTrain(s) Per Hour
P CodeDelay Attribution code group marked for Planned Alterations/Cancellations
ECSEmpty Coaching Stock
BAUBusiness As Usual (edited)Just some housekeeping. All the things I say, share in here, they’re here for you’s to get an insight into what we do. My opinions, they reflect what I think, and what I think only. They don’t reflect the views of companies and others that are associated with me. If you’d like to find out more about this work, drop me a line with your question and i’ll answer it in here, just incase anyone else has the same question

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