Ooh it’s a late night diary update

Well then, stuff’s been going on, I now sign:

  • All 8 Tractions
  • 10 Routes
  • A contract that will make me work till death

    With route learning, we must be able to learn details about each route we learn, not limited to:

  • Stations
  • Signals at said stations and their attributes (Junction Indicators, Route Indicators, Position lights etc) and any additional signalling equipment (Banner Repeaters, OFF Indicators etc)
  • Line Names & Directions
  • Speed Restrictions
  • Signalling System in use
  • Limits of Signalling System
  • Controlling Signal box and OLE/CRE Controller (with limits of OLE/CRE)
  • Junctions and their relevance within our route knowledge (Crossovers and turn backs, shunt moves etc)
  • Environmental Hazard (Busy Stations on event days, Slippery Stations during typical British weather, Lighting, Train-to-platform gaps and where they are larger than usual etc)
  • Station facilities (Step Free Access, TVMs, Booking offices etc)
  • Major Station Layouts (Taxi Ranks, Assembly Points, Support areas etc)
  • Depots and Sidings in use by our grade (Carriage Sidings for early morning/late night, loops for contingency working, sidings for service turnbacks etc)

    So yeah, it’s a lot to remember. But it’s done. I did all my route learning within ~6 weeks so now i’m currently on some spare shifts (1600-0045 this week!) and I then enter the roster from next week. Our roster has 12 lines and we rotate between Earlies – Lates, with some Mids sprinkled in for good measure. I’ve got my lates this week then next week i’ve got the start of my earlies.

    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to message me in the #diary-chat channel on Discord

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