On the road again!

Today’s trips are underway, I’m off to Hounslow (three times!) and Weybridge, with some shunts in between. Hooray!

2V43 – An uneventful run. 3L at sections due to wintry conditions.

2C52 – Went from empty to full at Twickenham, owing to some kind of an event. Did get forewarning from Control that the platform was going to be rammed!

2F53 and 5F60 – It feels rather weird to go up the Chertsey/Addlestone line from Weybridge, only to go back on ourselves back into Weybridge!

2F60 – Well, that was an interesting start. CIS at Weybridge said I was delayed… when I was stood there looking at my on-time train with a green signal. One to flag up to Control, methinks… Held at red on the approach to Surbiton, making me rather late! That doesn’t bode well for…

2C65 – Which I was working from Platform 23, having come in on Platform 2. 2L out of Waterloo because I flat out refuse to run. It isn’t safe. Ow my feet hurt… Anyway. Time recovered during journey. Onwards!

A few other trains… – Rest of the went smoothly. Nothing to report. Two days off, and awaiting results of *that* interview.

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