Diary Days ?, 18th to 22nd September 2022

Yeah so days really haven’t existed recently. Finished my run of 4 nights on Monday Morning, only to go straight home, sleep, and be out for the LSL Capacity 90 down the WCML in the Afternoon.
Past few shifts, nothing major has happened. Usual fun and games.
Body clock is a bit of a mess. Luckily i’ve been able to bring it back around now, and am getting back used to waking at 7/8 instead of 13/14.
Heading down to the dealership today to see if I can get a car i’ve been looking at. Whilst relying on public transport is sometimes a good thing, the unsocial shifts (mainly 0600 starts and 2300 ends) would be so much easier with a car waiting for me instead of relying on buses at that time.
Starting at 0700 tomorrow (Friday 23rd) so need to get body into that mindframe.

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