5th March 2023

Playing catchup after a rather busy week for me.

My Dellner knowledge was called upon this morning to assist with shunts of the sleeper empties at Euston. Helping the drivers raise and lower the Drop Dellner coupling on the class 92’s and carrying out a brake test after.
92038 is seen on the rear of 3M16 after being prepped at Euston.

Another morning spent at Euston covering the Dellner Assist job. This time however with a Camden Road – Tonbridge Aggregate run after.
66783 is photographed at Primrose Hill awaiting time on 6O60 Bow – Tonbridge West Yard.

Today was a very busy day. Starting my shift out of a hotel in Acton, West London, I started with an Aggregate train, taking it over at West Hampstead and taking it to Tonbridge (no photo I’m afraid, I completely forgot).
It was then back to Euston to hop on board 1S25 (the Highland sleeper) to Wembley Yard to split the lead loco off and brake test both that and 1S26 for their journeys north via the ECML.
I ended the day with another career highlight for me by Route Conducting the driver of 1S26 from Wembley – Finsbury Park (well from Primrose Hill anyway).
92033 is photographed at Finsbury Park after I got off.

I ended my busy 6 day week with a short shift taking 66793, 66711 & 66791 from Hoo Junction to Tonbridge West Yard late last night.
The trio are photographed at Hoo shortly before departure.

Definitely time for a couple of days off now!

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