26th November 2021

Well an interesting shift so far at work – worked 2P72 from Reading up to Paddington. Allocated 65 minutes to do this trip, so normally bumbling along as we know we’re going to catch CrossRail services up. Had an emergency door egress pulled at Hayes & Harlington thanks to some idiot who decided it was a good idea to let his mates on after the doors were already shut. Called up TVSC Hayes Panel and got the road put back as it was going to take a while to walk down to coach 8 of 8 (always the bloody way!). Reset the egress (which he’d tried to force close to make it look like no one had pulled it), called the signaller back again and left 8 minutes late. Bizarrely – and shows how much time there was stuck behind CrossRail, I arrived at Ealing Broadway on time. Set was auxed off and back on again at Paddington to try and clear a fault which worked. On time run all the way back until Maidenhead and stuck behind a slow moving freight. Time for a bare minimum PNB before all stops to Didcot, all stops back to Paddington and then normal stops back to Reading. Roll on 0245…

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