21st September 2022

Hi everyone. So hopefully I can offer a bit of insight into the life of a signaller and hopefully answer any questions you may have about why things are done certain ways or thought processes. Rather than a traditional day by day diary (because who wants 3 or more consecutive days of reading about normal running) I will post when things have happened/gone wrong or can answer any questions you may have.

I work a single manned box in Suffolk and see passenger services on the Ipswich-Cambridge/Peterborough route, loads of intermodal freight to and from Felixstowe and the odd Roadstone train which involves a ground frame release and later a loco runaround in my goods loop. (More on that another day)
I will hop to it soon. A combination of night shifts turning to day shifts with a 5 month old who doesn’t want to sleep has delayed me starting this off. Got a couple of things to talk about lined up already but for now I’m about to head off for a RDW early turn (0600-1400)

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