25th March 2022

Today is a good day as today is pay day! I have had an interesting couple of days.

Yesterday (Thursday) a 66 unfortunately failed in Crawley new Yard. I was booked to work 3y90 the Sussex de icing train. I’m almost certain we are now just using the fluid up before the season ends as the beautifully sunny and unseasonably warm temperatures are not typical conditions to run such a train. My route took me from Tonbridge yard to Redhill, change ends and then to Horsham. If your familiar with the area you will know that my route takes me right past Crawley new yard. A little creative thinking and we decided to put a 66 rescue loco on my train and drop it off in Crawley on the way past. I won’t go into to many details as the move requires some interesting interpretation of the rule book. In the words of madness, all I learnt at school was how to bend not brake the rules! It was an interesting site to see all the same

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