22nd November 2021

So another week begins. This week has the potential to be pretty chilled or full on! I’m standby for the Sussex RHTT. That means I’m based at the depot and on call. If control decide that a section of track needs treating then I get a call and off I go. With the leaves coming down thick and fast I can see it being a busy week but who knows!

The weekend saw me working on a ballast site at Tinsley Green, and yes you get extra points if you know where that is! A simple track replacement job, I was in charge of a class 66 with 18 falcon wagons. I was the second train through the worksite. The first took away all the used rails, my train was then filled with used ballast. Contaminated waste labels were added to my wagons as the ballast has been in place since the discharge of human waste on to the track was common place – yukkk

The good news is the move is all but complete and apart from 1 of my monitors not surviving it’s gone okay. I’m hoping to start streaming this week, hopefully on Wednesday.

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