The One Where we’re oh so close… and yet, so far

You may notice I’ve been a little quiet in here since my 458 broke on me. Thankfully, nothing really notable has happened since, and I am also sadly off work again at the moment due to picking up a rather nasty bug. But… it’s not Covid! (Which is… annoying. Because I have LFTs that’ll give me an approximate estimation of when I got it, and when it’ll go…)

In just over a week, assuming I’ve recovered, I’ll be starting my induction with Greater Anglia. Things might go quiet then too for a while as I concentrate on rules learning and such. I have an apprenticeship to work on to qualify for driving trains! So… my first priority is always working safely (and getting my qualification. So my diary might take a back seat if my revision ramps up as I expect it to! Sorry in advance… 

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