Damaged Rail

So the latest issue we have had to deal with is a damaged rail. Once recognised confirmed as a damaged rail it was stop the job until examined by a rail defect nominee (RDN) or Rail Defect Engineer (RDE) (RDE being the more qualified of the two) as it happens we were allowed to resume running with a 20MPH ESR over the affected line, with the defect being examined after every train passes and a prohibition from allowing two trains to pass each other at the affected location.
So that was a line block on our up main after every train (whether it caused delay or not) to allow the inspection to ensure it was still safe to run trains and reminder appliances kept permanently on the approach to the area on both lines with a few tight judgement calls to decide which train should go first on a few occasions . I haven’t been in since Saturday morning so I’m hoping they got that emergency possession in to sort it over the weekend.

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