31st March 2022

It’s the last SITT train of the year for me. I took over 3Y90 at Caterham at 2106 and am booked to work it back to Tonbridge West Yard. The evening got off to a good start. With lots of green signals I was making good time. On arrival at Brighton I was booked a 45 minute personal needs brake. It’s not uncommon on night shifts to work through your break where safe to get back home a little earlier. Tonight was no exception with the signaller and route controller agreeing to run me early.

One of the perils of night driving is the dreaded blocks and t3 possessions that close lines. As I type this it’s 03:20 and I’m sat at Redhill waiting to go back to Tonbridge but unfortunately I’ve got to wait for my booked time as the line is blocked for maintenance. All my hard work and missing my brake for nothing. Oh well some you win and some you lose! Until next season 3Y90. It’s been emotional.

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