30th November 2021

A fairly full on turn tonight – booking on Resources had changed what I was up to. So picked up the first half of my diagram and then finished off with a Paddington LTV Turn (pretty standard). Walk down the depot, mobilise, bring a 4 car into Reading for an additional 8 cars to be coupled at the rear. A fully red 12 car 387 (aka the Flying Tomatoes) was in the road next to me, was good to see a fully red consist. 12 car up to Paddington calling at normal stops for us these days; Twyford, Maidenhead, Slough, West Drayton, Hayes & Harlington & Ealing Broadway. I’m always worried working 12 cars where they do not fully fit in the platforms (all stops except Maidenhead – front 10 and Slough all coaches) that people will get stuck in a part of the train that the doors do not open and are tempted to pull the green emergency handles or press the red passenger alarms. Fortunately went off without a hitch and a fast run back to Reading done. A cheeky stopper to Newbury in 387302 finished off my booked job, before running over to platform 15 and work the 2116 stopper to Paddington and back. Feel like I have seen a lot of 387s today. Finally back home now and time to relax in front of the telly for a couple of hours before heading to bed. Back in tomorrow!

Face coverings are back – though I won’t lie; I’ve kept mine on. As you can tell I’m smiling! Please if you can, do. But don’t put yourself in danger by challenging others – leave that to the professionals (aka. British Transport Police).

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