For any issues relating to the Dad Rail Discord server, these issues are handled by the Moderation/Community Management team within the server itself. Please follow the instructions in the #reporting-and-requests channel to contact the team.

I cannot view the channel on Discord, as I have been removed from the server

If you have been kicked from the Discord server, please consider why you were kicked and consider rejoining the server, taking into account the server rules and the reason you were removed. We don’t take moderation action lightly, and repeat and serious offences will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

In the event that you wish to appeal a permanent ban that has been applied, then you will need to contact the Community Management team via the below form, giving very clear and concise reasoning as to why we should consider revoking your ban. We need as much detail as possible, otherwise we will be unable to process your appeal.

Please note: Ban appeals are required to meet a very high bar to be approved and while every appeal received is considered, not all of them are successful. Should you be unsuccessful at appealing your ban at this stage, your ban will remain in place and there is no further avenue to appeal. No further appeals will be considered without substantial reason for doing so.